Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tetris Amnesia

Human Tetris 1

From wikipedia:

A recent Oxford study (2009) suggests Tetris-like video games may help prevent the development of traumatic memories. If the video game treatment is played soon after the traumatic event, the preoccupation with Tetris shapes is enough to prevent the mental recitation of traumatic images, thereby decreasing the accuracy, intensity, and frequency of traumatic reminders. "We suggest it specifically interferes with the way sensory memories are laid down in the period after trauma and thus reduces the number of flashbacks that are experienced afterwards.", summarizes Dr. Emily Holmes, who led the study.

Human Tetris 2

Some studies have asked soldiers based in Iraq to play Tetris in the next day after a violent encounter as therapy to replace images of violence and death with rotating colored tetrominoes.

Laser Skateboard Tetris

Kubrick's version of the Roman Army as seen in Spartacus went beyond this by actually having the army descend down the hill in tetris-like geometric shapes...very humane of them to wipe their victim's memory as they attack.

Kubrick Gladiator Tetris

Likewise, I recommend that you periodically watch one of the many variations of You Tube "Human Tetris" clips to tidy up the film that the internet leaves on the inside of your mind. I'ts like alternating shampoos to remove waxy build-up. One live tetrad per day will erase harmful youtube memories of bedroom acoustic covers and cute bulldog activities.

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  1. Jesus Christ. This is brilliant. Why aren't I hearing more of this?