Monday, April 5, 2010

How To Construct a Time Machine

Thoughts of Time Travel have possessed my mind since early childhood when my Matchbox cars lived out epic battles to straighten out the space-time continuum. The Ferrari was the villain, the Datsun always saved the universe.

Upon reading an essay of the same name by my favorite 'pataphysician, Alfred Jarry, I willfully misinterpreted some of his absurd concepts and blended the with my own take on the nature of time and related these ideas to memories of brief romantic encounters.

I said to you and the dust
I'd like to be followed by my own horns
You said to yourself and the sand
You'd like to be lead by a cloud of freshly blown bubbles

But Sequence is a device
A time machine/space machine
A collision of altering accounts
As our bodies float downstream

tastebuds trace breasts like needle to an album
Skip back/ Skip forward/ Skip Forward
Tone arm grazes etched memories
Play me out of sequence. Play me.

Peel it back taste your lips taste our tats
We'll rotate as we laugh
At how space is bound down around us
We're independent variables at last

Our geometry is distinct in the front seat
Duration is an Oldsmobile stolen from another age
For joyride escape
I remember: a kiss, a lick, the inside of your wrists

To be locked in a box with inertia and explore her every avenue
Concurrently, a reciprocity, a temporal event
Our instant stretched into:
The traversed, the proper and to come

Untied from time with you
We're the same nature in different states
Alternate modes of motion with their denim causing friction
Charging membranes to collide
Causing causation, causing sensation and condensation, cause causality to unwind

And it's a forbidden simultanaeity
'Cause I'm there and I'm here
And you're still whispering in my ear
"Nibble, bite, lick me skinless"
Tug at her lips, I remember tugging at her lips
Taffy-pull the moment into three dimensions
A panoramic illusion of voyages and landscapes lost
To transform together into an unchangeable object
Like the memory.

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