Monday, May 10, 2010


Artists, writers and musicians do not reveal hidden truths about the universe; we create meaning in a meaningless universe. This means that we either have the most important jobs on the planet or we are complete frauds for misrepresenting reality.


  1. the universe is not meaningless. we are just dumb, artists or not, and so it seems that way. and artistic types are just the people who try to make it more accessible (taking big stuff and portraying it in small bits), by spending too much time thinking things overs instead of (sometimes) doing things. just thoughts anyhow. in case you were serious....

  2. Excellent! I was hoping to provoke a discussion with that one.

    Jessica, I like your idea. Maybe creative types are baby-birding big ideas to those without overactive powers of observation/imagination and with more practical concerns occupying their minds.

    I still think that, on it's own, the universe is probably meaningless. There is lots of order. Order and patterns can be seen everywhere from atomic structures to the orbit of planets to the migration of birds, but without an intelligent consciousness to impose a meaning onto that order it's nothing but raw data.

    Meaning is an abstract concept that doesn't exist without us.