Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Such Experiments

Physics has been going through a messy divorce. Einstein's Spacetime and an uncertain Quantum Mechanics have gone their separate ways with irreconcilable differences.

Scientists from around the world have convened in a cave deep beneath Switzerland with 6 billion dollars worth of machinery to bring into being one subject that both Father Spacetime and Mother Quantum can agree on: the Higgs boson particle.

Proof of this theoretical form, playfully called "The God Particle", would be the ultimate parent trap and could unite the broken family of modern physics into a happy nuclear household once again. If it works, the rejoicing of scientists will be heard worldwide.

What will it sound like when these conflicting sciences reunite?

Something like this:

A group of physicists, computer engineers, artists and composers created this mathematical simulation of the sound that will be made when the God particle comes into being.

Just like the theory itself, it is too beautiful to he true. Very melodic.

I borrowed these wonderful sounds for a song I wrote called, "Such Experiments" It is about obsessive love and a suspicion that the Large Hadron Collider may be having unintended effects on human sexuality.

You can hear it here:

Such Experiments (Higgs Boson Mix) by Richyrd! Richird Richérd!

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  1. and it just occurred to me. . .you could create the music that's emitted from a radiolaria held to an ear, even though it isn't a seashell. You could.