Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making Stuff

This weekend I had a vision of the computer I wanted: something small and light enough to take anywhere but running Mac OSX. The closest thing available on the market was the iPad, but that wasn't what I craved. The typepad was annoying and the OS was dumbed down, so I hacked a Mac Netbook out of a 10 inch wide Dell Mini. I've never done anything like that before and my knowledge of the inner workings of electronics is extremely limited, but the process was immensely rewarding.

It fills me with a sense of pride that can't be ordered on Amazon. To have a vision of something that doesn't readily exist and to make it exist through work: that's the impulse that lead me to art when I was younger.

Since I received my art degree 10 years ago, I have constantly second guessed creation's greater importance to society, but I do believe that the process of making something is extremely valuable to individuals. Molding a mental image into something physical is a kinetic reminder that life is not a multiple choice exam. You don't have to use a number 2 pencil. You don't have to fill in the bubbles perfectly. You can improvise some origami and fold that answer sheet into a hot air balloon or fighter jet and fly far far away. Land in a distant country where every ingredient is abundant and nothing is on the menu.


  1. In other words, sometimes life is like In 'N Out Burger: tons of great options, but none of them are on the menu. I'm living animal-style.