Thursday, November 11, 2010

Faces of Evil

The following revelation is via Future Perfect:

"For the lady wishing to know more about this club host – expect to QR barcodes to be supplanted by facial recognition – still through the mobile phone of course.

The only question is when."

OMG. Those freaky christian end times pamphlets used to warn us never to allow the government to tattoo barcodes to our skin. That's how Satan would brand us as the damned. Well, it looks like our faces will soon be scan-able barcodes!

Suddenly, we recognize the Mark of the Beast and it has always been inseparable from our own human identities.

Checkmate. Devil wins again.


  1. I feel like I should preface this post with a Michael Jackson/Thriller-style disclaimer:

    "Do to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this blog entry in no way endorses a belief in anything.
    -Richard R. Penner"

  2. too bad the mark isn't even a literal concept. it's no more litteral than the mark that the angel of god puts on the foreheads of those who sigh and groan because of the world conditions! the "mark" is nothing short of the rebellious spirit, or mentality, of satan.

    locations of the mark directly corosponds with the ancient israelite thought of metaphoricly binding the law upon their hand and as a frontlet band between their eyes, impressing it into their hearts and minds so it would be in the forefront of their thoughts and their actions. pretty much making the law second nature. in revelation, those who don't have this mentality or "mark" and those who don't support the government will be persecuted and their lives will be made very hard to live, not being able to "buy or sell" in a sense.

    that's why it makes me laugh when these so called "christians" start going off about bar codes and chip implants. they have no idea what they're talking about. especially since the majority of revelation is symbolic anyway.