Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Ghosts

Good ghost stories are psychological reactions to specific physical surroundings.

Over time, the landscape and creaky carpentry of a local area wears matching grooves into the psyche of the inhabitants. Likewise, The folds of subconscious minds will shape rolling hills and warp aging floorboards into echoes of their geometry. This relationship takes on a will or shadowy form of it's own, which can outlive both the mortals and atmosphere from which it was born. After a creaky old house has been burned to the ground or tenant brutally murdered, the ties that bound those deceased elements can live on, disembodied and eternal.

There is no Headless Horseman without Sleepy Hollow. There is no Shining without the Overlook Hotel.

What ghosts are we giving birth to within the limitless dark corners of cyberspace?

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