Monday, November 22, 2010

Security Insecurities

Today is the busiest day for commercial air travel within the United States and there is talk of a boycott on the TSA's newly adopted backscanner x-ray machines, which use just enough radiation to take images of passengers' naked bodies.

Boycott the invasion of privacy if you must, but instead, I recommend you object to the naked photos on the grounds that they are not well lit or framed artistically.

Nevermind that the security agents are trained for neither apprehension of terrorists or maintanance of radiation-emitting medical equipment. Most are also ignorant of the basic elements of photographic composition.

If you must travel, you should at least come prepared and pass out classy nude shots of yourself to the officers. Tell them this is what you're aiming for.

Might I suggest an homage to Ingres' Grand Odalisque?

Personally, I will gladly submit to the scans in exchange for a .JPG of the file, so I can print it large and hang it in my hallway as a portrait. The look of the 21st century reflects the invasive paranoia of security Xrays and CCTV surveillance footage and I am reluctantly embracing this new aesthetic.

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