Thursday, December 2, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of Distraction

One friend recently referred to me as "an innocent evil genius".

Another friend told me that, working 40 hours a week"at a job you don't enjoy doing work that doesn't enhance your skills is an antidote to universal destruction through huge creative explosions that could be caused by your brain if it were given hours on end to play. Basically, humanity is protected because you are at a job you hate."

Basically, my friends give better compliments than yours, but consider this:

How many times have man-made disasters been averted by distraction? Whose lives were saved by those extra ten minutes they spent thumbing through the Sears catalog? Which political figures should we be distracting now to redirect our future? Are good Spam filters allowing the wrong people to stay focused on their nefarious goals?

Is it possible that the internet is both a catalyst and a retardant for the technological singularity?

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