Monday, December 13, 2010

We Are Merely Hypothetical

Looking out into space is looking backward in time. When you see a star twinkle, you are seeing a moment from millions of years ago, when that photon was sent out to you.

Studying the cosmic microwave background radiation, is looking all the way back. Scientists are now observing the instant of the big bang from the inside. Some see evidence of previous univeral expansions. Some see the bruises from collisions with other universes.

What I see is that we all live within the same moment. All there is is the spark at the beginning of the universe and we all play out our lives inside of it. Time is an imaginary dimension within the only event that ever was. From the outside, we have no state of being, only a state of as if.

Sometimes, when I catch myself taking things too seriously, I just look out to the beginning of the universe and repeat to myself, "I am merely hypothetical."

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