Thursday, January 6, 2011

Conversion Tables #2

Our economy evaporated a few years ago. You may have noticed. Now an unsettling truth stares us in the face every day: Money is Fiction. Money is like a civilisation of Neverland Faeries. The second we stop believing in it it dies, and money will not be revived by any amount of hopeful handclapping.

But if Money is Fiction, is Fiction also Money? If we study this recession closely, I believe we can calculate the conversion rate. This could be the solution to our economic crisis.

Let's work quickly. This nation has a surplus of untruths to cash in. Picture the conversion of matter into energy. My hope is that we can find the catalyst to split the Lie Atom. Every conspiracy, every exaggeration, every secret that drips from the lips of an elected official will ignite in a violent mushroom cloud of paper dollars. The fallout will result in years of lie-infused pennies from heaven. A nuclear winter of cold hard cash will re-pave our streets with gold.


  1. Fallout paper monies, if self-seeding, could then lead to money trees!

  2. We have been living in the Matrix ever since the Civil War issuance of Red-Seal United States Notes.

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