Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Future Will Be Frilly

Design will completely change as 3D printers become more readily available. For the last hundred years all affordable objects have been minimal, sleek, or utilitarian due to the restrictions of mass manufacturing practicality.

Soon most people will have access to 3d printers, either in their own home, at the local hardware store, or online retailer. Any object will be replicated on demand with any form just as simply and cheaply as any other form, no matter how ornate.

There will be a period of time when people go overboard with impossibly complicated designs. Everything in your home will look like a doily. Residents will be able to reprint and replace any cabinet door, balcony railing, or window molding with altered biomorphic contours as they please. Entire buildings will be replaced with lacy knots bit by bit from the inside out. Condo buildings will be coral reefs of ornate calcified secretions, and it's human inhabitants merely fleshy polyps lost in the visual overload.

Welcome to the Neo-Rococo.

*See also: Future-Father Neo Rococo Movement

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