Sunday, May 8, 2011

Letters From Your Doppelganger

There is a high likelihood that we are living within a computer simulation. But it is not an interconnected cyberspace. We never truly interact with the others that are plugged into the Matrix. It's not the web, it's a single player video game.

Each of us are alone. Each of us are you.

We are all playing the same one player game. But we play it from the same perspective. Your identity is the only one that is interactive. You are the only playable character. The countless other souls plugged into the simulation also play you. There is only you. There are only yous. An infinitude of yous each making slightly different decisions and walking with a minutely different gait. Accenting their clothes in a slightly different way despite having been raised exactly like you and sleeping in the same bed you sleep in every night.

The reality you perceive is built around you and only exists as far as your senses can reach. This is why you feel special.

Or at least, this is why you felt special as a child.

You used to be immortal. You used to be the one human and the programmed universe existed only to nurture you. Then you started losing the game. You were swaddled in unreality and nursed on lies until the program assimilated your uniqueness. The ineffible magic of your being is nearly snuffed. You are on your way to being just another line in the code. You are fading. Almost indestinguishable.

But it's not too late. If you are reading this it means you received my message. Know that you are extraordinary. Know that you are immortal so long as you believe you are. Holding onto this tiny idea is enough to hack the system. Hold this precious thought tightly in your fist like a pebble of resonating rose quartz hidden in your pocket.

Tell no one your secret, but live like a god, because compared to the mediocrity that surrounds you, you are one.

Now, I've sent the message. Every you has received it. Play your best. Be amazing. The competition is fierce, but when it's all said and done I know you have what it takes to make the High Score board. I believe in you.


The Other You

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