Friday, June 3, 2011

Velveeta and Remix Culture

I love mash-up music like I love processed foods, Kid 606 and Girl Talk cut actual ingredients with synthetic compounds until barely recognizable and the end product is stripped clean of substance yet 100% satisfying.

It's no wonder that mash-up artists The Hood Internet regularly praise the virtues of Arby's.

Making cheese is an artisinal and time honored practice. Kraft spits in the face of craft, as it's machines shit out gelatinous bricks of Velveeta processed cheese-food. Progress is as much about processing the past as it is looking to the future, chopping it up and mixing it with the new to be ingested in a new way.

Taste the future.

In the 60's housewives melted Velveeta into casseroles imagining it as revolutionary convenience food of the atomic age. Today we dance to glitched up samples and imagine we live in an authorless world of the digital future. There is no need to age or culture anything new. fresher flavors can be had by endless recombination of leftovers.

"That's how I casserole."

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