Wednesday, July 20, 2011

T-Pain Doesn't Need Autotune.

"Put your hand on the boombox," she said.

Fear shot through Paul. He started to back away from the Reverend Mother, but felt the Gom Jabbar at his throat.

"What's in the boombox?" he asked.


T-Pain doesn't need autotune.

Generations of genetic selection have produced a human specimen with perfect robotic pitch and absolute mathematical control of his vocal cords. He is a singing Mentat capable of hitting notes with the level of precision known previously only to the forbidden thinking machines. T-Pain is the Kwasatz Haderach of recording guest vocals and banging strippers.


  1. that video is incredible. when t-pain's tracked movements spell out "P A I N"?! INSANITY!

  2. Great stuff! Ever wondered why singers are changing words like every, there, and air into errr? Pretty funny. Check this video out.