Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doppelgang Town

Developers in the Guangdon province of China have painstakingly recreated a life-sized replica of Hallstatt, Austria in their own country. They did this secretly, without letting anyone know. They sent in spies disguised as tourists to photograph every detail for reproduction.

When finished, we will have two identical towns, like quantum-entangled communities.

Architecture dictates behavior in subtle ways and so even the lives of the inhabitants will begin to mirror each other. What happens in one will happen to the other and vice versa.

This setting seems ripe for experimentation on the nature of identity. Drop a clone from Hallstatt into the Chinese version of his town and watch him or her. At what point do their lives diverge?

For all you know, your life may have been replicated on another continent, as well. Or you may be the replicated life, while the original goes about your daily tasks in a town in Argentina.

I've considered this. I think it probably happens all the time.

Hell, If you believe that our universe is infinite, then near-replicas of your life exist many times over somewhere out among the stars. The universe is already hard at work on these devious experiments on "Self".

Somewhere out there, someone has painstakingly reconstructed my whole life, cloned my DNA and placed that clone in a movieset recreation of my childhood in Yakima, Washington. They've spared no expense to recreate the entire city, right down to every forensic detail of every violent crime.

I suspect that this Doppelgang Town is on a far off inhabitable moon. An polyvinyl bubble sky holds in the atmosphere and keeps the locals from seeking success beyond the city limits. galactic tourists watch the other me through one way mirrors as i brush my teeth at night. The other me is in a cage of which he is half-aware, but can't escape. He has my face and my imagination but is trapped.

And we are living biographies of each other.

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