Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weapons of Thought

Genes are concepts expressed in flesh. Your body is a petri dish for living ideas. Your will is a colony of intangibilities which pull strands of amino acids like the reins of a stagecoach.

But imagination is faster than natural selection so today we have technological processes for coding ideas into biological existence. What what took millions of years now takes months.

Eventually genetic splicing will be automated. One day we will engineer new genes and splice them into our nuclei directly from the spark of inspiration. Our thoughts and our DNA will tangle into a brand new helix.

We will become our thoughts. Our thoughts will change us physically.
The like-minded will form tribes, tribes will mutate into new species.

Honest debate will spread infectious concepts across enemy lines so we will guard ourselves from it. Conversation will be a biological warfare, so we will forget our ears and they will shrivel up and fall off our heads like unpicked grapes.

Ideas have a will of their own. Ideas are bent on world domination.

Our bodies are the weapons of thought.

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