Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dead Letters and Render Ghosts

Tomorrow morning in half-wakefulness you will mumble an UNINTELLIGIBLE WORD.

This UNINTELLIGIBLE WORD is an address to a virtual condominium complex, a rendering of a mall, a proposed state-of-the-art multiplex. A 3 dimensional projection of a place that may exist soon. THE POTENTIAL PLACE.

Here in THE POTENTIAL PLACE, the sun's rays are heatless vectors and streets are paved with pixels.

Tomorrow as you wake, you will type the previous night's dreams into a browser and email them to yourself before they fade.


In THE POTENTIAL PLACE there are no mail carriers, no mail trucks. There is only a DEAD LETTER OFFICE. A clerk in THE DEAD LETTER OFFICE will receive your transmission, print it out, copy it in triplicate, and send it to the appropriate parties.

Your dream will be valuable in THE POTENTIAL PLACE. THE POTENTIAL PLACE is an ever expanding EMPIRE. The EMPIRE is in constant need of blueprints.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Perfect iPhone Case

How is it possible that no one has made a protective iPhone case with this aesthetic yet:

A beige box with a raised rainbow apple on the back would be perfect. I would buy that.

The beige box is now an aesthetic choice like 8 bit sounds and imagery. It simultaneously says, "This was once state of the art" and "This is now obsolete" and these are truisms for any piece of tech we buy today, no matter how new the model.

From the day our tech comes out of it's box it is already looking back on it's glory days.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I hear there's a lot of red tape to get into heaven. Did you get all the proper forms stamped and submitted in triplicate? A typo could mean an eternity in hell. My uncle Steve was accidentally issued two different account numbers and until both are cleared he will be stuck in limbo.

Limbo is the land where hold music is streamed from.