Monday, February 25, 2013

Instrution Manual for Emotions

Instruction Manual for Emotions:

1. Emotions are a sword you can only learn how to wield through error.

2. Slice yourself to ribbons, die, be reborn stronger, repeat as needed.

3. Once you’ve died a bunch you will realize you’ll always be reborn.  This gives you confidence in your abilities. (not only to avoid death, but also to die gracefully.)*

4. After enough Emotion Deaths you will be an Invincible Emotion Ninja.*

     *Notes: You are the only ninja with a killing sword. Only your own blade can harm you.
                  You are always in control. The sword is never in control of you.

Common Mistakes:
These are the three common mistakes in training to be an Emotion Ninja:

1. Fear the blade and refuse to touch it.

2. Give up before you become a master

3. Throw yourself onto your own blade.

Avoid these three pitfalls and continue on with the steps above and you cannot fail.

(Imagine simple illustrations of IKEA cartoon gentlemen with severed limbs, rising again from pools of their own blood.)

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  1. this is awesome thanks very much. look sorry i had to do the hoo ha with the twitter. i cant really be looking at alot of dark shit :P just want unpopular accounts i can chat to and be normal :) <3